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Arthur Lyffe
R. G. Bullet Hits Bull's Eye
Debut young adult author is here to stay and take readers on an unforgettable trip with: The 58th Keeper
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"Tension and suspense. Magic and mayhem. Mystical and wonderfully creative. Impressive and inventive. This is a   series kids will be adding to their list of must reads!"

-Internationally bestselling author, M.J. Rose
Incredible, Inventive and Invisible: A Q&A session with
R.G. Bullet
Arthur Lyffe
The Windsor Times: In what way?

RGB: While writing many ideas appeared to form out of nowhere. I couldn’t possibly have worked them out beforehand in an outline. Without being too cryptic, it felt like I was taking notes from some inner voice.

The Windsor Times: Interesting. Do you think that will continue with sequels?

RGB: [Laughs] I hope so or I’m in a real mess.

The Windsor Times: Are your characters based on anyone you know?

RGB: Yes, but I’m not naming names...well apart from, forget it. Whether other writers admit it or not there’s a huge influence from family, friends and people in general. Their characteristics and idiosyncrasies just seep in over time.

The Windsor Times: This first adventure spans Italy, France, Turkey and London. It seems you have lived in quite a few countries too.

RGB: I’ve been fortunate in that respect. I have either lived or visited the places mentioned in the book. I counted that I have lived in ten countries--each one more than year. Italy and Brazil were great fun, and being slow on picking up languages I dwelt in a state of blissful ignorance isolated from news, and people’s opinions. It’s a great space for reading and writing and that’s where The 58th Keeper really started to take off.

The Windsor Times: What books did you enjoy reading as a child?

RGB: As a young kid I loved adventures: Tin Tin, Emile and the Detectives, Sherlock Holmes. So many to pick on just a few.

The Windsor Times: Where did you got to school?

RGB: I went to many different schools. Some in Berkshire others in Somerset, Gloucestershire and all in the UK. The subjects I loved were English and History, but was appalling at maths. The one thing I had to excel at however  was making

The Windsor Times: The 58th Keeper deals with invisibility and flight. You have taken two favorite themes and spun them together to form a highly original story that resonates. Can you tell us more?

RGB: Yes. Both flight and invisibility have been written about over the years by many writers no to mention J M Barrie’s Peter Pan and J K Rowling’ Mr.Potter. So I knew what Iwas getting in to. The challenge then was to do my level best to make it different and fun. Beside that's what I really wanted to write about and I like to think that I achieved that goal. Philip Pullman described story telling something akin to borrowing from a large chest of ideas--and when we return them, we return them forever altered and ready for the next storyteller. While writing about flight or being invisibilie I really felt like I was going though the experience which was fun.

The Windsor Times: The unique part of the storyline, and one we enjoyed, are the places you write about, such as The Houses of Parliament, the Eiffel Tower and church roof tops. These are all places readers can visit.

RGB: Writing that part of the story was a highlight for me too. It was great fun turning established landmarks into mysterious places hinting at another world. And as you mentioned already readers can visit most mentioned in the story. And it will continue in book two.

The Windsor Times: It's definitely different and a lot of fun. When is The 58th Keeper available and when will you finish book two?

RGB: The good news is that The 58th Keeper is out in digital form June 2011. And book two will be ready by early 2012.
Continuation of Q&A Interview with  R.G. Bullet