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Arthur Lyffe
R. G. Bullet Hits Bull's Eye
Debut young adult author is here to stay and take readers on an unforgettable trip with: The 58th Keeper
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The Windsor Police
Offers Reward

The Windsor Police are keen to find a young suspect. Any information that leads to the arrest of a boy who was seen "bolting across the gardens"
after the daring robbery of Mr. Blakey last Thursday night will be eligible. The whereabouts of the suspects is of grave concern to Deputy Chief Constable, Stephen Brown.

And click here for reward details.

"Tension and suspense. Magic and mayhem. Mystical and wonderfully creative. Impressive and inventive. This is a   series kids will be adding to their list of must reads!"

-Internationally bestselling author, M.J. Rose
Adventure, Mystery and Suspense: A Q&A session with R.G. Bullet
Arthur Lyffe
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