R. G. Bullet Hits Bull's Eye
Debut young adult author is here to stay and take readers on an unforgettable trip with: The 58th Keeper
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"Tension and suspense. Magic and mayhem. Mystical and wonderfully creative. Impressive and inventive. This is a   series kids will be adding to their list of must reads!"

-Internationally bestselling author, M.J. Rose
Incredible, Inventive and Invisible: Q&A session with
R.G. Bullet

The Windsor Times: We just finished the galley for The 58th Keeper. It’s been a while since any of us read an adventure that is that fast paced with so much in it. It’s a mix of mystery, suspense and hilarity. The NYTimes bestselling author, M.J.Rose describes the story: "Tension and suspense. Magic and mayhem. Mystical and wonderfully creative. Impressive and inventive. This is a  series kids will be adding to their list of must reads!". A great endorsement: Did you always want to be a writer.

RGB: Thank you. I remember being inspired to write by some great novelists when I was younger, but the thought of actually being a writer and making a living seemed remote. Although I kept writing I never thought about seriously getting any stories out there.

The Windsor Times: What are some of your earlier stories about?

RGB: The very first full length story is buried in a garden somewhere in England because it was so terrible. While my friend and I were hitching around Europe, aged sixteen, we wrote in relay form with the alternating chapters getting progressively more shocking. If I recall it was a very gruesome tale about a Baron who owned an island. Anyone who visited as a tourist were harvested by a thrasher machine...and their organs used for re-sale. It'd make Stephen King shudder. (And that's just the grammar). I proudly showed it to my mother when I returned. After just a few pages her hands dropped to her lap and she looked at me aghast.

The Windsor Times: Sounds like a good read. That would do well in today’s Dystopian wave with such books like: The Hunger Games.

RGB: I am enjoying reading Suzanne Collins’ work at the moment, but if you’re hinting at me to dig up my story--there’s no chance. The worms got to it long ago.

The Windsor Times: How long did it take you to write The 58th Keeper?

RGB: It took me about two and half years. I write by the seat of my pants so-to-say. I’m not big on outlines so it wandered a bit at first till I found my voice. Although I know I how the story will end--getting the first book completed has been an experience.

Incredible, Inventive and Invisible:
An Interview with R.G. Bullet
A world wide experience and many travels sparked the debut novel by R.G.Bullet with, The 58th Keeper. We get a rare chance to catch up with this British expat in his new home in Miami.